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The M.Sc. programme in CAE will be full two years of study. To the programme, the students, who got a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree in Engineering with strong computer, language and Engineering skills, will be admitted. All two year programme courses will be taught whole in English. On this programme, the following courses will be designed to teach students:
In the first year of study:
  1. Mathematical modeling & its applications for engineering problem solving
  2. Numerical analyses and numerical solutions of DE
  3. Engineering Vibrations
  4. Applied Stress Analysis-II
  5. Mechatronics
  6. Control Systems
  7. Finite Element Methods
  8. Design for Manufacturing and Assembly

For the second year of study, the following courses and course works will be.
  1. CAE, CAD and CAM systems and software packages/applications
  2. System engineering
  3. Mechanical design calculations by using computer tools
  4. Management in production
  5. Thesis/Project work, which is a real world problem solution, will be designed in cooperation with industry.
These afore mentioned courses will meet expectations and specific needs of nowadays industry and manufacturing enterprises in Uzbekistan.