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When I examine myself and my methods of thought, I come to the conclusion that the gift of fantasy has meant more to me than any talent for abstract, positive thinking.
Albert Einstein






What is it? »Graphene electrodes for organic solar cells
January 6, 2011

Researchers identify technique that could make a new kind of solar photovoltaic panel practical.

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What is it? »The power of 'convergence'
January 4, 2011

In white paper, MIT scientists discuss potential for revolutionary advances in biomedicine and other fields.

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What is it? »Programming crowds
October 27, 2010

With the Web, people worldwide can work on distributed tasks. But getting reliable results requires algorithms that specify workflow between people, not transistors.

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What is it? »Catching the sun's heat
October 26, 2010

Storing thermal energy in chemical form has the potential to make it indefinitely storable and transportable.

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What is it? »MIT teams dominate national energy contest
October 22, 2010

Three MIT-connected teams were among five finalists and won top two prizes in ConocoPhillips award program.

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What is it? »A plane that lands like a bird
July 20, 2010

An innovative control system allows a foam glider to touch down on a perch or a wire like a pet parakeet.

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What is it? »Imaging fish on the fly
July 19, 2010

New MIT technology allows high-speed study of zebrafish larvae, often used to model human diseases.

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What is it? »Broadband picture may not be so bleak
July 16, 2010

A new study disputes the claim that Internet data rates in the U.S. are only half as high as advertised; study's authors call for better data.

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What is it? » In The World: Breath of life
July 15, 2010

Low-cost portable ventilator could be a lifesaver for people in remote locations and for hospitals in the developing world.

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What is it? » On June 14 and 15, Final Dissemination events of the Tempus project – “New Curriculum in CAD/CAE/CAM and computer modeling” took place at Tashkent Automotive Road and Jizzakh Polytechnic Institutes. In the events, the representatives of more than 10 different universities of Uzbekistan, Sweden and USA, and engineers and representing staff of MHSSE, NTO Tempus and TACIS UzBURO CASE have participated.


Final events presentations are now available:

  1. Mr. Lennart Johansson (senior project manager, grant-holder of CD_JEP 26123-2005). About KTH- International and external relations and academic projects.

  2. Dr. Eshkabilov (coordinator of CD_JEP 26123-2005). Outcomes of the Tempus project "NC CAD/CAE/CAM and Computer Modeling".

  3. Dr. Lennart Edsberg (Master's program director, NADA, KTH). International Master Programs in Scientific computing at NADA.

  4. Kjell Ahlin (professor of KTH and BTH). Academic and research cooperation in Mechanical Engineering (e. g. Engineering vibrations).

  5. Mrs. Abdurakhmanova (NTO Coordinator). Welcome greeting from NTO.

  6. Student works and current projects.